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Students of Koichi Tohei

Students of Koichi Tohei

These are some ot the more know students of Koichi Tohei.

Both before and during his position as head instructor at the Hombu Dojo, Tohei instructed many notable aikidoka. Several of these have since made lasting impacts on aikido in general.

Among these are:

Koretoshi Maruyama, former Chief Instructor and President of Ki Society, who has since founded the independent Aikido Yuishinkai International style of aikido.

Koretosi Maruyama Sensei

Shizuo Imaizumi (今泉鎮雄), 7th Dan Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, who founded the independent Shin Budo Kai style of aikido.

Calvin Tabata, 8th Dan Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido,and founder of the NW Ki Federation. He holds an Okuden Ki rank, is a full Lecturer in the Ki Society, and is the Chief Instructor of the Personal Kiatsu School. He began his training in Hawaii and is a lifelong direct student of Ki Society founder Koichi Tohei sensei. Tabata sensei has been teaching in the Northwest since 1970. He established the Oregon Ki Society in 1974 and the Personal Kiatsu School in 1993.

Koichi Kashiwaya, 8th Dan Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, head Ki-Aikido instructor for the USA.

Ken Williams, Founder of the Ki-Aikido Federation of Great Britain.

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki, 8th dan Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, who was a pioneer in spreading Ki-aikido in Europe and has since founded the independent Ki no Kenkyukai Association Internationale organisation.

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

Fumio Toyoda, 6th Dan, founder of the Aikido Association of America and Aikido Association International.

Roy Y. Suenaka, founder of Wadokai Aikido.

Shuji Maruyama, founder of Kokikai Aikido.

Steven Seagal, 7th Dan, American action movie actor, producer, writer, director and a Blues singer-songwriter.

stevan seagal
Steven Seagal
David E. Shaner, PhD, 7th Dan, Chief Instructor of the Eastern Ki Federation and chair of Furman University's philosophy department, where he specializes in Japanese philosophy and philosophy of science. Shaner is also principle of CONNECT, LLC and author of the recently released "The Seven Arts of Change: Leading Business Transformation That Lasts."

Kenji Ota, featured in a series of Panther Productions Ki-Aikido instructional videos, along with being a champion ballroom dancer and father of 5th Dan, Steve Ota.[2]

Roderick T. Kobayashi was a 20 year+ student of Master Tohei and was promoted to Rokudan (6th Dan) Aikikai in 1973. Rod then taught Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido world-wide until forming his own version of Aikido in 1981 which he named Seidokan Aikido.

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